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An exploration of professional development related topics by and for faculty at Mt. San Antonio College. A frequent theme of the podcast is improving the success of students from designated campus equity populations.




Jun 1, 2021

We are happy to announce that Mt. SAC has a brand new Sustainability Director and we are so excited to share this conversation with you. Her name is Eera Babtiwale and one of the goals of the Climate Action Plan, which was approved in 2018 – was for the campus to create a position for and hire a Sustainability Directors and though It has taken until now to accomplish this goal, we are so excited the moment has finally come. Tania Anders sits down with Eera to talk about her background, her goals and so much more. 

Contact Eera Babtiwale:

Run Time: 28 min, 10 sec

To find the full transcript for this episode, click HERE