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An exploration of professional development related topics by and for faculty at Mt. San Antonio College. A frequent theme of the podcast is improving the success of students from designated campus equity populations.




Dec 7, 2021

Feeling inspired is unavoidable as you listen to this episode featuring the Rising Scholars program. Our host Sun Ezzell speaks with the coordinators, project experts and students who help make this program the amazing and supported experience it is. Their mission, “to ensure [students] achieve their educational goals and feel supported along their way” is expressed through the stories you’re about to hear first hand in this episode. And as Ieisha Kitchen points out, the Rising Scholar Program is an empowerment program as well.  Featured Guests:

Joe Louis Hernandez, Rising Scholars Program Coordinator

Rabia Qutab, Rising Scholars Project Expert

Kevin Gonzalez, Rising Scholars Project Expert

Ieisha Kitchen, Rising Scholars Project Expert

Leandro Perez, Rising Scholars Student

Daniell'e Silva, Rising Scholars Student



Run Time: 35 min, 39 sec

To find the full transcript for this episode, click HERE