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An exploration of professional development related topics by and for faculty at Mt. San Antonio College. A frequent theme of the podcast is improving the success of students from designated campus equity populations.




Nov 24, 2020

How do we create language around discovering our first generation population at Mt SAC as well as a consistent definition of what it mean to be a first gen college student? Well, Yadira Perez, Program Specialist for the Aces program and Victor Rojas who oversees the Trio programs has created an initiative to try to answer those questions. And if there’s one thing you takeaway from this episode, it’s to know that your story has power and by sharing it, you might be providing the motivation that a student needs to keep going. 


First-Generation Mt. SAC Initiative 

Faculty and Staff, share your First-Generation Story 

First-Generation College Students Get Involved 


Student Toolkits

Run Time: 29 min

To find the full transcript for this episode, click HERE